Release v0.3.0

  • The “send feedback” button now looks like other buttons on the page.
  • Each unit remembers its own input in the buy field when changing tabs. Previously, all units shared the same input.
    • For example: buy 10 queens, then buy 100 drones, then select queens. There will now be a 10 in the queen’s input box; before this change there would’ve been a 100.
  • Fixed a bug with unit purchases/cost calculations and combat. There were a number of symptoms fixed here, but the most obvious: you can now spend larvae immediately after your first combat win/first hatchery looted.
  • The combat form now loads with your last zone selected.
  • The game should now use much less CPU when left idle.
  • Implemented zones 6 to 9 and the Overlord combat unit. Overlords improve your other soldiers’ hit points and attack power. Neither one is playable yet.