Now with 100% more violence

September’s been a productive month for War Swarms. As promised in my last update, we now have a combat system:

The new combat system

Your swarmling-queens, hatched outside of combat, produce swarmlings during combat. Every few seconds, your swarmlings attack the enemy. Destroy the enemy Lair to win!

I’ve also worked on adding the infrastructure behind leagues. Leagues are periodic “seasons” that will have slightly different rules or new experimental features. Choose a league when starting a new character.

Character creation, now with leagues

October will open with the permanent Standard league. Expect temporary leagues to begin in November. When a temporary league ends, its rankings will be frozen and archived, and its characters will move to Standard league for further play.

These changes, along with a few smaller features, will appear in the beta on October 1, when the new in-game countdown timer reaches zero.

In October, I’ll be adding more types of soldiers beyond just swarmlings, the first temporary league, and several performance improvements, among other things.

Many of you have been waiting for beta invitations. We’re getting closer - thanks for being so patient! There will be more news posts about beta invites this month.