Announcing my next game, War Swarms

The swarm, a race of giant bug-like aliens, prospered under the rule of the ancient Overminds.

Without warning, the Overminds vanished. Their disappearance shattered the unity of their underlings, and left many smaller, fractured swarms behind. Some swarms now wander leaderless and confused, some let their bloodthirsty instincts run wild, and some vie for power and control over the others.

Grow your fledgling swarm, fight your way back to dominance, and discover what fate befell the Overminds - all with no graphics.

My next game, War Swarms - based on Swarm Simulator - will begin closed testing this month! It’s been in the works for a long time now, and I’m excited to finally start sharing it. Don’t ask me for access yet - watch for announcements on or /r/warswarms.

Here’s what to expect:

  • The same rapid-growth mostly-idle gameplay you know and love from Swarm Simulator.
  • Combat, replacing the territory system, finally gives your swarm a chance to draw blood. Your warriors reproduce during combat - the longer a battle lasts, the more numerous they can grow.
  • Always-online. Most blatant kinds of cheating are impossible. Leaderboards are more reliable. Play from multiple devices and multiple browsers easily, with no fear of losing your progress. Observe others while they play, or play for your own audience. Possible multiplayer features later (not on release day).
  • Play anonymously - start playing instantly on release day, sign-up not required.
  • Create multiple swarms (characters) per account. No more import/export gibberish.
  • Monthly(?) season resets, each with fresh characters, empty leaderboards, and new content/features unique to the season. Entirely optional - your past swarms will not be deleted.
  • The code will be open source on release day, just like Swarmsim.
  • All this, and still no graphics.

Swarm Simulator is not going away, of course! That said, most of my programming and development time will be focused on War Swarms now.

No release date ready to share yet. Expect the closed beta to last several months, with more people invited as time passes. Watch or /r/warswarms for updates!