A quick July development update

I’m still amazed by the enthusiastic response to the War Swarms announcement last month. It’s very motivating to see how excited you all are about the game - thank you!

Development is going smoothly, if a bit slower than we’d all like. Things have been quiet because I’ve been working, not because I’ve vanished!

No beta invites have been sent yet. The original plan was to send the first invites around the end of June; obviously that’s been missed. Not ready to share my next ETA just yet, but we’re getting closer.

What am I working on now?

  • The biggest missing feature: combat. I have some plans and some experiments, but the implementation’s not quite ready yet. Combat won’t be there when the first beta invites go out. We’ll start with a placeholder that implements the resources and loot gained from combat, without any actual combat. This way, other parts of the game that depend on loot gained from combat are still playable.
  • Improving the quality/maintainability of War Swarms’ programming. While building War Swarms, I’ve had to learn some tools I’ve never used before. Naturally I made some mistakes, and those past mistakes had started to slow down development. I could have powered through those and got the beta out earlier, but I chose to take the extra time to get things right.

The first beta invites are likely to go out once I’m done with these.

In other news, here’s a few highlights from my Reddit posts in the last month: